joomla templates create free download #pgtemplates joomla templates create you can seejoomla templates ecommerce you can download  joomla templates for ecommerce

">joomla templates create you can seejoomla templates ecommerce you can download  joomla templates for ecommerce

">joomla templates create you can seejoomla templates ecommerce you can download  joomla templates for ecommerce


joomla templates create free download #pgtemplates


joomla templates create


Joomla is taken into account together of the foremost popular Content Management System (CMS) for managing dynamic websites. English is about as its primary language initially, but it doesn’t prevent you populating your site with content written in the other languages. Even it doesn’t require creating Joomla multilanguage options to try to to so. However, a Joomla multilanguage website does have the power to point out its content in multiple languages, perhaps with triggering a switch or button. But the question is- if you discover a Joomlawebsite where contents in several languages are placed here and there, does it make any sense to you, and can you affect them? We know your answer- that’s an enormous NO! Genuinely, it’s not an honest practice having contents in multiple languages without having a multilingual option. It greatly makes the visitors confused which leads the rationale they leave forever. joomla templates for ecommerce

joomla templates for ecommerce

you would possibly already know- a Joomla multilingual site is in a position to carry the traffic twice sometimes even quite one language based site does. So naturally, the conversion rate during a Joomla multilanguage website is far above single language based one.  joomla templates for ecommerce

But the stressful period is over now.. And the most enjoyable news is- Joomla currently is allowing users to make multilingual websites without using any 3rd party extensions and it’s absolutely freed from cost. In this tutorial, I’m getting to show you- the way to create a multilingual site with Joomla, through TEN simple and easy steps. If you're curious about creating the multilingual site using JA Multilingual Component, you're always welcome to see our another Comprehensive Guide from right here. This is the very very first thing you would like to try to to. Since English is about because the default language primarily, you've got first to put in your required language to urge started creating Joomla multilanguage option. Note that- a Joomla multilanguage website doesn’t automatically translate the entire content itself. So, if you're getting to make your site supports in two different languages, you've got to make entire contents therein two languages. Follow the below instruction of how you'll install a replacement language. attend Extensions> Language(s)> Installed Click on Install Languages button at left-top. Use the Search button to seek out your preferred language and having found it, click on the Install button to put in it. I’m installing Spanish language as an example. Now, it’s a requirement to enable the installed language before you proceed. Find the approach below. attend Extensions> Language(s)> Content Languages Click on the Publish Item button pointed on the screenshot below to enable the just installed language. joomla templates for ecommerce

joomla templates ecommerce

you'll enable language plugins from the plugin manager. attend Extensions> Plugins Use the search box to seek out them quickly. Write language on the box and hit enter. Click publish button to enable both plugins. Now, you're able to generate multilingual Joomla content. But before that, let’s create two new categories; one is for English and therefore the other is for your required language. Spanish is my chosen language as an example. Go to Content> Categories> Add New Category Give a category Title for Spanish language, select Spanish from the language menu and click on Save & New. Give a category Title for English, select English from the language menu and click on Save & Close. Now, let’s create articles for both Languages (English and Spanish). First let’s create for English. attend Content> Articles> Add New Article Give the article title on the Title text box. Put the content on the editor area. Choose English from both the category drop-down also as Language drop-down at the proper side of the module. Make sure, Published is chosen on the status drop-down. Click on Save & New button at the top-left. Now, let’s create another article for Spanish language. Follow an equivalent procedure above. Now, it’s the time to make menus for every language. Let’s create the menu for English first. attend Menus> Manage> Add New Menu. joomla templates ecommerce

 Write the menu type on the Menu Type text box. Click on Save & New button to feature menu for the Spanish language. Similarly, create another menu for the Spanish language. Till now, the newly created menus are empty as we haven’t added any sub-menu items. So, let’s create sub-menus under those two menus. First, I’m creating a sub-menu under the most menu- English. attend Menus> English> Add New Menu provides a sub-menu title on the Menu Title text box. joomla templates ecommerce

joomla templates with ecommerce

 Select Articles> Single Article Click on the Select button next to the Select Article option and from subsequent pop-up modal, choose the article we previously created for English. Make sure, English is chosen under the Menu drop-down also as Language drop-down* Click on Save & new add another sub-menu. Unlikely the above instruction, create a sub-menu item for the most menu Spanish also. Now, you've got to define the article page in each language as their corresponding default homepage. joomla templates with ecommerce

To do so- attend Menus > English Click on the star icon pointed on the below screenshot and it’ll turn yellow in color, meaning- English article page has successfully set as your default homepage for English menu. Same instruction to be followed so as to line default homepage for Spanish menu. In Joomla,   joomla templates with ecommerce



Compatible Browsers

  1. IE10+,
  2. Chrome,
  3. Firefox,
  4. Safari,
  5. Opera

Technology Used

  1. HTML 5,
  2. CSS 3,
  3. Bootstrap 4,
  4. JS,
  5. jQuery


  1. Business & Corporate



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Top Features

  1. Multi Page Template
  2. Bootsrap 4 Framework
  3. Full-width Slider
  4. Sticky Navigation
  5. Owl Carousel
  6. Font Awesome Icons
  7. On-hover Effect
  8. Lightbox Gallery
  9. Responsive Navigation
  10. Elements Page
  11. Progress Bars
  12. Circle Preloader
  13. Accordions
  14. Animated Counters
  15. Custom Icons
  16. Pagination in Blogs
  17. Social Media Icons
  18. Google Maps
  19. Email Subscription
  20. Widget-rich Footer
  21. In The Box
  22. 7 HTML Files
  23. 17 CSS Files
  24. 8 Javascript Files
  25. 8 Plugins
  26. Demo Images

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