joomla templates consulting | pgtemplates joomla templates consulting you can seejoomla templates store you can download joomla templates download

">joomla templates consulting you can seejoomla templates store you can download joomla templates download

">joomla templates consulting you can seejoomla templates store you can download joomla templates download


joomla templates consulting | pgtemplates


joomla templates consulting


Oomla is one of the net's most popular open supply CMS and one of the maximum used open supply CMS worldwide. Does Joomla, however, hold up to its popularity? Read directly to discover what I think on this Joomla Review. It's been pretty a while because I did an up to date Joomla assessment so I figured now, with the release of 2.5.6, it'd be a good possibility to replace the reviews segment with something a chunk extra current.  joomla templates download

joomla templates download

From inside the dashboard, you may be aware that Joomla gives an array of context menus alongside the pinnacle with quick get admission to to the numerous administrative screens in the CMS. There are additionally some of buttons and configuration screens to be able to change relying on the menu you've got entered.  joomla templates download

For example, underneath the website online menu you could configure the primary settings for the Joomla web page (there's also the capacity to position the website online in maintenance mode from right here).
The potential to place your Joomla web site offline from right here is simply new to the 2.five series and you are given a number of methods to customise how your offline message is handled. As you can see, you may customize the message with your own text & snap shots or use the gadget default. Selecting the hide alternative when the website is in offline mode will actually display a login screen, forcing customers to authenticate with the device.  joomla templates download

By default, Joomla 2.5 ships with 3 alternatives as a long way as editing content material is concerned. They are TinyMCE (the default), CodeMirror (a code editor for to be able to highlight mismatched tags and allows you to write in HTML) and none (which turns off the WYSIWYG choice entirely).  joomla templates download

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The Joomla User Manager capabilities a number of simply available options together with the capacity to clear out the listing of customers with the aid of state, group, registration date and whether or not or now not they may be lively or inactive. Aside from the everyday customers, agencies and get entry to stages there may be a feature called User Notes. This is just like something that one would generally locate in forum software program and they may be described as “pieces of records which can be assigned to registered users to your web page. These notes can contain for example comments approximately ‘offending' or ‘difficult' customers etc.” I'm now not sure how regularly something like this will be used, but there was obviously a reason or they would not have applied it (one would expect anyhow).  joomla templates responsive free

As I noted earlier, there may be the choice as well to mass mail a group of users from inside the Joomla back-end. This can be handy for sending notes to companies of publishers, your advertising and marketing group or perhaps a few content editors approximately upcoming editorial changes, as an example.  joomla templates responsive free

Before you can use this option, however, you will want to make sure your SMTP settings are configured beneath Joomla's Site menu. When I tried to use this option without having the mail settings configured, I obtained the poorly worded and complicated blunders message shown below:  joomla templates responsive free

joomla templates personal website

I'm not sure if they were shooting for the word ‘Initiate' or ‘Initialize' but the one they used (although it IS an real word) really would not match the use. Not a huge deal, these items happen but I'd want to see greater precise blunders messages with, on the very least, steps to accurate of some kind. With a device as huge and popular as Joomla, it is a bit disappointing to see obscure, poorly worded mistakes messages including this.  joomla templates personal website

Even clicking on the Help button would not inform you that before looking to use the mass mail function, you want to go into settings nor does it have a link to the settings themselves. I'd in my opinion like to see the help adjusted hence and an opening message on the mass mail tab that may have a ‘dismiss' option that explains that SMTP configuration ought to be entire before proceeding. Either that or a test and if it is no longer setup, a warning suggesting to accomplish that with a link. That's how I would deal with it. Hopefully, the Joomla dev group will make the essential changes.  joomla templates personal website

Ou can set your featured articles, configure the ordering, access levels and much extra. Joomla has a ton of alternatives here and you can spend quite a few time just exploring the selections on this page. There is also an Options button that will guide you via a host of configuration alternatives (far too many to listing on this review, you definitely need to take a look for your self and explore). joomla templates personal website

joomla templates to buy

TinyMCE (the editor used by default) is quite much the standard on the internet and it makes feel that it's used here as properly. I've usually wondered, however, why the Joomla group didn't really combine their buttons with the editor as opposed to putting them beneath the publish box (shown below). I'm specially regarding the Image, Page Break and Read More buttons. I'd for my part favor to see them embedded directly inside the editor itself given the amount of free area at the toolbars. joomla templates to buy

I'd additionally suggest cleansing up the editor, which certainly does now not require 3 rows of buttons given all the blank space on the 3 rows proven above. Again, I mention these items within the hobby of enhancing the experience for customers new to the gadget. It's not simply the huge changes however also the small aesthetic ones that can be the most important enhancements in making the general customer revel in a cleanser and greater intuitive one.  joomla templates to buy




Compatible Browsers

  1. IE10+,
  2. Chrome,
  3. Firefox,
  4. Safari,
  5. Opera

Technology Used

  1. HTML 5,
  2. CSS 3,
  3. Bootstrap 4,
  4. JS,
  5. jQuery


  1. Business & Corporate



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Top Features

  1. One Page Template
  2. Retina Ready Layout
  3. Sticky Burger Menu
  4. Ghost Button
  5. Working Contact Form
  6. Font Awesome Icons
  7. Off-canvas Navigation
  8. Parallax Background Effect
  9. Animating Stats Section
  10. 7 Organized Sections
  11. Social Media Buttons
  12. Newsletter Subscription
  13. Lightbox Image Gallery
  14. Colorful UI
  15. On Hover Animation
  16. Back To Top Button
  17. Into the box
  18. 2 HTML Files
  19. 7 CSS Files
  20. 2 Font Files
  21. 5 JavaScript Files
  22. 1 PHP File
  23. Demo Images

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