best php framework 2021 best php framework 2021 you can see best php framework you can download  best framework of php

">best php framework 2021 you can see best php framework you can download  best framework of php

">best php framework 2021 you can see best php framework you can download  best framework of php


best php framework 2021


best php framework 2021


To the framework maintainers / owners out there. If you need to make it big – Laravel kind of big – apprehend what Taylor has been doing. It’s not enough to simply have precise code. In fact, searching deeper into multiple framework can absolutely disappoint a person, code-quality-wise. Just the opposite day, I changed into requested about Cake vs CodeIgniter and, having looked at CI’s source, got a few severe 2008-degree PTSD. The key to succeeding is, actually, advertising – as sad as that fact may additionally be.  best framework of php

best framework of php

Taylor no longer only made sure Laravel has near ideal documentation, he additionally built (directly or indirectly) numerous other commercial offerings and partnerships around it. Laracasts covers all the missing medical doctors and use cases, Forge and Envoyer are tuned for Laravel, and he regularly communicates with diverse bloggers about upcoming functions and releases before they’re ready, in order that they get most exposure on release time. The framework has its personal subreddit, Packalyst is like Packagist but just for Laravel (!?), and there’s additionally Larajobs.Com, that's borderline ridiculous. Laravel even has its personal t-shirts (although the layout leaves some thing to be desired). This may additionally sound like typical advertising and marketing gobbledygook to you, but it works – social engineering is real, and to commercially prevail together with your brand, you need to embrace it for what it sincerely is – a brand.  best framework of php

If you’re extreme approximately earning money off of your open source work, don’t be afraid to put money into those matters. For example, get a good logo. Don’t consider your layout abilities, you’re just now not precise. If you were, you’d had been a designer, now not a PHP dev. Paying a pair hundred greenbacks for a good one can pay off within the long run. Don’t get your friend/daughter/associate to design it for you, else you can turn out to be with some thing like this:  best framework of php

best framework in php

Don’t post documentation or website reproduction text without having a person disconnected examine it first – proper English is incredibly essential for first impressions. Don’t be afraid to method capacity developer evangelists – try and get people to consider for your product through asking them what they dislike. Shape your product around other people’s dreams and opinions, don’t swim hardheadedly towards the current, and don’t permit your ego feel insulted because a person counseled a solution that, when looked at objectively, could just be better than yours. Get a developer evangelist to write tutorials and different technical pieces approximately your framework – in time, the relationship may also just grow into a Laravel->Laracasts collectively moneymaking one. Don’t release half-baked products, and don’t do alphas and betas publicly. There’s no want to have public announcements approximately those – announce an RC or two, and release. Exposing people to a less than perfect product too early does more damage than desirable. When became the closing time Laravel had a beta release?    best framework in php

Look, I’ll be the first one to admit that Laravel is accurate. It absolutely is, and I use it for some of my initiatives purely because of simplicity – one command and you’re good to go? Sold! I don’t even care approximately the underlying bloat of hardcore framework components that strength it – it’s so simple to use, I can without difficulty spend that time on optimization later on if I ever turn out to be desiring it – I’ll just rewrite a part of the framework in Zephir if performance becomes THAT vital (spoiler alert: it won’t). But I’m additionally bothered with the aid of this looming monopoly and the frankly astounding incompetence of different framework communities. Locking yourselves into your remoted environments isn't correct network management. Having a forum is not sufficient – interacting with other boards is better. Spread the word, analyze answers from other people, speak them. Be open, be transparent. Have an legit blog, get a StackOverflow tag, justify your decisions, get in touch with popular publications that could help promote your framework in case you present it well enough.  best framework in php

best php website templates

That said, I’d want to invite framework maintainers and people competent within the usage of these tasks to get in touch – let’s build a great repository of cross-framework content. Let’s compare answers, do “versus” posts now not for the sake of 1 framework winning over others, but for the sake of comparing approaches and getting to know from every other. You have one year till the following survey – use this time to get exposure. Use it to teach, now not dictate – to collaborate, now not judge. Let’s make it happen – allow’s tilt the scales for next year.   best php website templates

The statistics for this survey is all inside the repo. While maximum of the aggregation became completed with R, I actually have a feeling a number of you could need to apply PHP to procedure this, so I’ve included some helper files – the info are all within the repo’s README file. I’ve especially extracted the age group and schooling stage into integers so that the entire set takes up less area and has some more robust data types inside, and I changed Typeform’s funky multi-select answer format with the range one (1) where the answer became selected (originally, Typeform copies the name of the answer into the answer field, wasting an entire lot of space).  best php website templates




Compatible Browsers

  1. IE10+,
  2. Chrome,
  3. Firefox,
  4. Safari,
  5. Opera

Technology Used

  1. HTML 5,
  2. CSS 3,
  3. Bootstrap 4,
  4. JS,
  5. jQuery


  1. Business & Corporate



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Top Features

  1. Responsive design
  2. Compatible with all browsers
  3. Bootstrap 3.5
  4. HTML5 / CSS3
  5. Bootstrap Slider
  6. Wow Animation
  7. Smooth Scroll
  8. Owl Carousel Slider
  9. MixTub Portfolio
  10. jQuery Easing JS
  11. Gmaps API
  12. Font Awesome Icons
  13. And Much More .

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