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This is our new international responsive templates.  you can see  international templates for dashboard. this is very nice international templates dashboard.

international responsive templates

BY DURRANT PATEObserver business writerSunday, May 10, 2020
Jamaican-based totally health-care company NovaMed is taking gain of the worldwide demand for COVID-19-related masks, partnering with a Hong Kong-primarily based business enterprise to collect a masks production line in China. international templates for dashboard

NovaMed, which operates out of Kingston, has taken at the project of supporting the Caribbean to satisfy its COVID-19-related masks needs, partnering with DHB Global. Both groups have obtained a production line in China, to be able to assist with the manufacture and distribution of masks.

DHB Global is an American-owned fitness care advisory enterprise with 25 years' revel in inside the Chinese market. The collective has supplied a extensive portfolio of fitness care private protective device (PPE) and check gadget to over 14 public and private fitness systems, along with India, as well as huge corporations and has ensured smooth and a success transport in all cases.


NovaMed can be producing at high volumes whilst being conscious of the comparatively lower order volumes of smaller nations, inclusive of Caribbean island states. Since the COVID- 19 pandemic the worldwide call for for medical masks has skyrocketed, ensuing in hoarding in some international locations and smaller countries being outbidded for shipments of mask. international templates for dashboard

The wearing of those masks is getting used as considered one of the strategy for containing the pandemic. Meeting deliver volumes for essential people and front-liners like health-care employees, as well as citizens, is vital for public safety. international templates for dashboard

international templates for dashboard

In Jamaica's case, the want for smaller quantities in contrast to the massive orders from more economically powerful countries than Jamaica sincerely poses a problem. international templates for dashboard

Dr David Walcott, founder of NovaMed, explains, “Without an adequate deliver of medical-grade masks, we will no longer have a real hazard at protection and prevention, however it's miles understandably hard for our rather small orders to be prioritised by suppliers inside the face of a lot large orders.” international templates for dashboard

To illustrate his point, Walcott made reference to the Japanese conglomerate, Softbank, which is obtaining three hundred million masks in line with month for the foreseeable future. The neighborhood medical provider notes that foremost face mask manufacturers have exercised their leverage in annoying uncommon phrases of purchase together with full payment prior to begin producing. international templates for dashboard

international templates dashboard

These demands, he argues, take a greater significant toll on populations with lower purchasing power international locations like Jamaica. NovaMed founding partner, Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, hailed the partnership with DHB Global to help combat those issues.


They do a complete inspection of merchandise at the floor and coordination of logistics to ensure well timed and secure transport. DHB utilises predictive algorithms to make certain that most appropriate transport amounts are received in accurate time.” international templates dashboard

Globally, institutional purchasers have reported millions in losses in instances where no supplies have been delivered. Dr Walcott explains that stable channels of procurement have become critical in ensuring legitimate supply.

He discloses that some objects had been halted by means of customs, seized with the aid of other international locations or every so often poor excellent is truly major on receipt. “This is no surprise given this kind of chaotic and risky deliver chain environment. In this environment traditional supply chains do now not work,” Walcott states. international templates dashboard

He emphasises the importance to engage providers like NovaMed which have steady channels through which the legitimacy and motion of equipment is guaranteed.

Hamilton states that NovaMed has activated its multidimensional worldwide networks in a bid to arrest the challenges of a tremendously disrupted deliver chain, making sure stakeholders are able to access the system they need efficiently.

NovaMed, founded by Dr Walcott and Hamilton, was launched in 2018 to resource the Caribbean health-care environment with leading technology and international partnerships, a venture it has completed successfully. The duo is thought for their work on the Visionaries Summit, a platform designed to force investment, innovation and commerce inside the region.

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. This precise program addresses each the artwork and technology of dance/movement therapy. The graduate paintings develops students' personal, creative, cognitive, and motion resources so they can correctly have interaction in therapeutic movement relationships that facilitate get admission to to those sources in their clients.

Dance/movement therapy is described as the psychotherapeutic use of movement in a process that furthers the emotional, cognitive, social, and bodily integration of the character. The career is placed to satisfy an increasing interest in mind-body methods to intellectual and physical health that have emerged in fitness career circles and within the standard templates portfolio free

Upon graduation, students go directly to work in schools, early intervention programs, community intellectual fitness, inpatient psychiatric, medical, social service, and well being settings. Students additionally pioneer new frontiers in therapy application. international templates portfolio free

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 Be cautioned, however, that licensure requirements vary extensively from kingdom to country, and might trade at any time. Therefore, in case you are or could be interested by counseling licensure inside the destiny, you're strongly cautioned to get right of entry to and test the requirements for any country(s) in which you plan to paintings and practice. It is the student's responsibility to recognise and understand the requirements for any kind of destiny licensure. international templates responsive free

What you'll learn

The Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling application integrates dance and movement into a whole-individual technique to intellectual fitness.

Students learn how to observe the Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) to the assessment of character and organization functioning and to the design of therapy interventions. The application additionally recognizes the importance of the therapist's function on a remedy group and fosters college students' competencies to speak treasured expertise that won't be available to the team through strictly verbal treatment processes. international templates responsive free



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