how to integrate template in codeigniter how to integrate template in codeigniter. you can see how to integrate bootstrap theme in codeigniter. This is very nice codeigniter template layout example.

">how to integrate template in codeigniter. you can see how to integrate bootstrap theme in codeigniter. This is very nice codeigniter template layout example.

">how to integrate template in codeigniter. you can see how to integrate bootstrap theme in codeigniter. This is very nice codeigniter template layout example.


how to integrate template in codeigniter

how to integrate template in codeigniter

The contents from view are retrieved response on controller's request , the controller will take the saved response and then assign them to the view report.

i have never have the threat to have a look at the model report named stuff yet, but i am assuming there are methods there that have to return a row array because of the query.

In CI we are able to use $question->row_array() and $question->result_array() depending on necessities.

once more, I want to count on that the version approach $this->Stuff->get_topic_last_post($row->topicid) have to go back the cutting-edge posts.

the approach may be much like this

file area /utility/model/

how to integrate bootstrap theme in codeigniter

public feature get_topic_last_post() ## I did not positioned any parameter in it due to the fact. i am assuming right here that the posts may be sorted by way of date. ## We prepare the query $your_query = " query here "; $query = $this->db->question($your_query); ## you must additionally upload an statements here simply in case the query go back empty end result go back($query->result_array());  }
I want to adjust your controller a bit as it isn't always important to iterate the result in the controller or within the model. we are most effective storing the end result as an array and let the view deal with the generation.

record call /utility/controller/discussion board.Hypertext Preprocessor how to integrate bootstrap theme in codeigniter

public function get_topics()  $this->load->model('Stuff'); $result = $this->Stuff->get_topic_last_post(); $this->load->view('views/discussion board', $end result); 
The above instance will load the $result to the template document named discussion board.php. The template document need to do the iteration like this

report name : /utility/views/forum.Hypertext Preprocessor

<?php foreach($result as $submit) echo $put up['name'].'<br/>'; //echo the relaxation of the result.  ?>
make sure to optimize your question so you do not should run more than what you need. an excellent device for optimizing MySQL queries is MySQL workbench.

there is a template parser class in CI, but It is not as improve or function wealthy like Smarty, Twig, and TBS. how to integrate bootstrap theme in codeigniter

codeigniter template layout example

I strongly recommend integrating with Smarty or Twig. I just published a demo of CI/Smarty and CI/Twig the day prior to this, but I can not don't forget on which thread it become.

With Smarty integration, the controller record will look something like this

public feature get_topics()  $this->load->version('Stuff'); $this->smarty->assign('result', $this->Stuff->get_topic_last_post()); $this->smarty->view('views/forum.Tpl'); 
smarty supports (multi-dimensional).

$this->smarty->assign(array ( 'identify'=> $name, 'desc'=> $description, 'tags'=> array('quality','pinnacle','famous'));
The view document or the template record will appearance something like this codeigniter template layout example

foreach $content as $post $ <br/> $put up.Article <br/> /foreach
be aware the above template supply codes? It uses a DOT notation that's extremely useful in showing layers of multi-dimensional arrays on the template document. We can also avoid the usage of the foreach syntax in the template document through the use of section function.

This function is accountable for assisting our business enterprise in accomplishing the vision of being a world-elegance provider of main-edge interactive technology answers. This role can be accountable for the design, checking out, implementation and management of interactive technology and packages. codeigniter template layout example

codeigniter bootstrap template free download

basic function/responsibilities:

effective planning, checking out, implementation and management of interactive technologies, web sites, packages and social media platforms.
Create, maintain and replace internally and externally constructed web sites, cellular and social media apps.
expertise of hardware, software program and software merchandise related to the shipping of interactive technologies.
maintains powerful running relationships with inner personnel and outside organization companions.
Required experience: codeigniter bootstrap template free download

Bachelor’s degree in pc technological know-how or associated field. minimum of  years of modern revel in in applications or internet site improvement.
running enjoy with internet development equipment which include the subsequent: personal home page, C#, MySQL, MS-sq., MVC, cleaning soap, relaxation, git, javascript, CSS, JSON, XML, and so forth.
experience with CMS gear which include Drupal or Wordpress. revel in with frameworks including CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, ExpressionEngine or MS .internet.
The connected record is a typical job description for a web Architect and became supplied by Glassdoor.Com.

The attached zip report includes:codeigniter bootstrap template free download

codeigniter render_template free download

Intro page.Pdf
i have never discovered this in my seek, but it isn't something that is easily described ...additionally i'm no longer certain whether or not that is personal home page or greater Javascript, so my apologies if i have published in the wrong place.

besides, i have this Hypertext Preprocessor form:

<?php $app = $this->globals('khxc_display.App'); $eol = $this->globals('khxc.Eol'); $formid = $app . '--minisearch'; $strid = $app . '--prodsearch--string'; $link = $this->link_namespace($app,'prodsearch',array()); $cgi_value = ''; $this->xhtml_quickform_header($formid,$app,'prodsearchp',array()); print '<p magnificence="hidden"><label for="' . $app . '--minisearch--' . $strid . '"'; print '>search time period</label></p>' . $eol; print '<p class="inline"><enter class="khxc_quickfield" type="textual content" call="' . $strid; print '" identity="' . $app . '--minisearch--' . $strid . '" cost="'; print $cgi_value . '" length="26" maxlength="100" /></p>' . $eol; $this->xhtml_quickform_footer($formid,'brief seek by item call',1); print '<a category="unfancy" href="' . $hyperlink . '" title="superior search">advanced seek</a>' . $eol; ?>
...And i'm wanting to integrate the subsequent Javascript script into it which will prefill the quest box and have it autoclear while someone clicks on it: codeigniter render_template free download

<shape call="text_form" movement="//www.Codeave.Com/html/submit.Asp" method=put up> <input call=u_input onFocus=clear_textbox() price=" enter Your search here "> <input kind=submit fee=post> <input type=reset> </shape>
i have already added the feature a part of the script...

<script language=JavaScript> <!-- characteristic clear_textbox()  if (document.Text_form.U_input.fee == " enter Your search right here ") record.Text_form.U_input.value = "";  --> </script>
...To my scripts file, but I can not get the combination of the Javascript facet of things to work properly.

So can every person show us all how to properly combine the two? - The fine i have been able to give you to this point is a broken search box with autofilled textual content that stays irrespective of what!! :icon_cheesygrin: codeigniter render_template free download




Compatible Browsers

IE10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera

Technology Used

HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4, JS, jQuery


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Top Free Theme Features

  1. Bootstrap 4
  2. Clean and minimal design
  3. Multi-page template
  4. Cross-browser compatibility
  5. Fully responsive
  6. Hero header
  7. Sticky top navigation bar
  8. Full-screen slider on the header
  9. Drop-down menu
  10. Call to action button
  11. Hover effect
  12. Modal YouTube video player
  13. Testimonial carousel
  14. Image gallery with modal image view
  15. Menu grid
  16. Search option
  17. Blog section
  18. Instagram Feeds
  19. Pagination UI
  20. 10+ UI elements
  21. Google maps
  22. Comment form UI
  23. Newsletter subscription form
  24. Working contact form
  25. FontAwesome font icons
  26. Extensive documentation

In The Box

  1. All demo images
  2. 8 HTML5 files
  3. 1 PHP file
  4. CSS & SCSS files
  5. JavaScript source files
  6. Font Icons
  7. Documentation
  8. Library and plugin files

Libraries and Plugins

  1. Bootstrap 4
  2. Owl Carousel
  3. FontAwesome
  4. Flaticon
  5. Themify Icons
  6. Magnific Pop-Up
  7. Ajax MailChimp
  8. Masonry
  9. Pexels

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