newspaper templates blog  newspaper templates blog. you can see newspaper for blogger templates. this is very nice newspaper templates bootstrap download free.

"> newspaper templates blog. you can see newspaper for blogger templates. this is very nice newspaper templates bootstrap download free.

"> newspaper templates blog. you can see newspaper for blogger templates. this is very nice newspaper templates bootstrap download free.


newspaper templates blog

newspaper templates blog

In an unprecedented flow, newshounds at Cuba's Juventud Rebelde (rise up kids) are being endorsed to investigate what's now not operating in their united states. Tom Gjelten/NPR conceal caption

toggle caption Tom Gjelten/NPR 
In an unprecedented move, reporters at Cuba's Juventud Rebelde (rebellion children) are being endorsed to investigate what is not working of their country.

Tom Gjelten/NPR 
The newspaper currently ran a 3-part collection on Cuba's agricultural zone — and why, no matter all its farmland, the united states has to import so much meals. conceal caption

newspaper for blogger templates

toggle caption examine element 1 of Juventud Rebelde's series on Cuban agriculture (in Spanish).
In Cuba, the every day newspapers are all owned and run by way of the government or the Communist birthday celebration. For years, speeches through Fidel Castro have been splashed across web page 1, and slightly a critical phrase changed into posted. but Fidel's brother Raul, who has taken over as president, is now allowing extra debate in the Cuban press, and one birthday celebration-affiliated newspaper is growing to the venture.

Juventud Rebelde (revolt teens) was based in 1965 because the newspaper of the Communist youth movement in Cuba. for the duration of its life, the ebook commonly has featured anything dreary "information" celebration leaders wanted posted.

but in recent months, Juventud Rebelde journalists have been endorsed to think like newshounds and inspect what's not operating of their united states of america. newspaper for blogger templates

The newspaper currently ran a essential 3-component series on Cuban agriculture. Reporter Dora Perez and a colleague spent weeks speaking to farmers and farm people across the united states. They desired to discover why Cuba, with all its wealthy farmland, has to import a lot meals.

"[We heard] not anything but complaints," Perez says. "Our report become very important. we are bad in agriculture, and we have to mention so."

3 months later, Perez observed up with every other investigative series, this one on schooling in Cuba. She observed out that many Cuban dad and mom were so sad with the nice in their youngsters' schooling that they have been hiring non-public tutors — some thing as soon as unthinkable here.

An unparalleled method

For years, Fidel Castro advised Cubans that their issues had been the result of the U.S. exchange embargo, the lack of Soviet useful resource or globalization: there was continually an excuse. but Herminio Camacho, deputy editor of Juventud Rebelde, says it is time for Cuba to well known its own failings. newspaper templates bootstrap download free

newspaper templates with css download free

For a Cuban communist newspaper, this editorial approach is unparalleled. Phil Peters, a Cuba analyst on the Lexington Institute, a Washington-area think tank, is inspired with the aid of what he has visible in Juventud Rebelde over the last two years — despite the fact that the scope is restricted and the paper is still under government manage.


in a single first rate example, Juventud Rebelde reporters decided that Cuban authorities had been grossly underreporting the range of unemployed kids, particularly inside the geographical region. in one province, they observed it changed into 18 times higher than what the government claimed. newspaper templates with css download free

behavior difficult to interrupt as reporters are searching for Independence

Such testimonies are nevertheless the exception in Juventud Rebelde, now not the norm. greater not unusual are the stories that virtually quote government functionaries uncritically. Editor Camacho says he and his journalists are nonetheless finding their way.

 . "they have inertia in their questioning. This form of journalism we are seeking to do is difficult for us. during our whole lives, we've finished it in a distinctive manner."

In an attempt to break antique journalistic habits, Camacho and his fellow editors have removed the beat structure at Juventud Rebelde. journalists now are generalists, no longer specialists.

"newshounds who take charge of 1 particular problem can lose their broader vision," Camacho explains.  newspaper templates with css download free

newspaper templates css free download

preventing short of difficult Communist Tenets

what is extremely good is that Camacho is thinking like a newspaper editor in a democratic society and now not as a propaganda boss, that is the position editors in communist international locations have more commonly performed.

His paper stops nicely quick of hard the ideology of Cuban communism. but for a celebration organ even to elevate touchy questions may want to have unforeseeable consequences in a tightly managed totalitarian nation. a number of the paper's current reporting touches on key elements of the socialist gadget, which include the nation-owned businesses that now manage every component of monetary life in Cuba.newspaper templates css free download 

"Their newshounds went out and documented that a lot of the state enterprises simply do not work," notes Peters of the Lexington Institute. 

This turned into Fidel pointing his finger at someone. he's not president of the united states anymore, however we nonetheless see him as the leader of the revolution."

In discussing Castro's statement, Camacho became rather uncomfortable, speaking slowly and preventing numerous instances to choose his phrases cautiously. For almost 50 years, Fidel Castro has been all-powerful in Cuba, in a position on his own authority to squash careers or send humans to jail for the rest in their lives.newspaper templates css free download

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Following Castro's vital column, Camacho says he and his fellow editors resolved to be more "responsible." a fully suggested article on the shortcomings of the economic reform program was not published.

in spite of Skeptics, Paper Forges beforehand with New direction

some writers who have broken their ties with the authorities are skeptical that Juventud Rebelde may be a lot of a force for change. independent journalist Reinaldo Escobar, who writes an competition blog in Cuba, says he is impressed via some of the journalists working at the paper.  newspaper templates with code free download

shortly after Perez wrote her collection on training in Cuba, she were given a congratulatory email from Adelaida Fernandez, a distinguished Cuban author. Fernandez had brought a fantastically vital speech on Cuban training at a convention of Cuban writers and artists, and in her establishing words she referred to the Juventud Rebelde stories by using Perez. newspaper templates with code free download

newspaper templates simple

"i was very proud," Perez says. "one of the first-rate things approximately being a journalist is whilst you know that what you write honestly reaches human beings and actions them." It became hardly a thorough thought, however coming from a reporter at a Communist birthday celebration newspaper in Havana, it become noteworthy.
Fidel Castro Expresses Displeasure newspaper templates simple

indeed, Fidel Castro apparently would not just like the pro-reform thoughts aired recently in Juventud Rebelde and a few different media. In a newspaper column published closing month below the identify "Do now not Make Concessions to Enemy Ideology," Castro lashed out at critics of Cuban socialism.  

Castro, whose mental and bodily situation stays a thriller, stated he turned into responding to a comment in one in every of Cuba's media shops. He didn't say which one, and Juventud Rebelde editor Camacho says he got at once nervous it become his paper. newspaper templates simple




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