free oceanwp newspaper templates for Wordpress free oceanwp newspaper templates for Wordpress  you can see our wordpress download you can download  most popular free wordpress themes">free oceanwp newspaper templates for Wordpress  you can see our wordpress download you can download  most popular free wordpress themes">free oceanwp newspaper templates for Wordpress  you can see our wordpress download you can download  most popular free wordpress themes">

free oceanwp newspaper templates for Wordpress

free oceanwp newspaper templates for Wordpress 


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You start via coaching yourself what you can ignore. Rot in hell. You’re a cunt. maybe you wouldn’t be so mad if you weren’t so unsightly. they come as replies on Twitter, a line dropped right into a DM, comments reassuring in their loss of specificity. The motives they arrive are not constantly clear. the primary time i used to be instructed I must move die a sluggish and painful loss of life, it was because I had written approximately Kristen Stewart. I’d published on a small WordPress blog, and a woman fan had disliked the way I’d analyzed her celebrity photo. theme forest

theme forest

maximum of it arrives on-line—through Twitter, thru private fb messages, on Instagram, thru e-mail exchanges, and every so often even in our dad and mom’ inboxes. while overlooked, those threats can sharpen and multiply. What starts as displeasure with a piece can increase to confrontations that are chilling in their  cruelty. Abuse and threat have emerge as a manner of lifestyles for girls in journalism. however like such a lot of things in women’s lives, the exertions of confronting that menace is essentially invisible.  theme forest

ICYMI: The Wall street journal unleashes a bombshell record

Abuse also can occur itself in invisible methods: within the stories which have gone untold or unexplored through girls because the dangers of telling them, psychologically or physically, require too rattling a whole lot. most editors don’t apprehend the volume of the abuse—why would they? They don’t examine our inboxes or tune our direct messages, they can’t check our worry as the responses mount, weighing the validity of each risk along the every day returned-and-forth of reporting. relying on their own identification, they don’t realize the complex matrix of selections ladies make inside the discipline to render themselves much less threatening, or the idea put into how and who to block, report, or forget about on-line. theme forest

I spoke to several ladies approximately how this kind of harassment impacts their work as reporters, and at the same time as many started out the communication saying they didn’t cope with threats on a day by day foundation, they ended by telling me complex techniques they’ve advanced for shielding themselves from it on-line. They’ve defused conditions in which their very fame as a girl reporter—asking questions, being in public—made them susceptible. It’s exhausting to try and revel in the reporting international from the identical place of protection as a straight white man, however female newshounds, mainly minorities and people who pick out as queer, frequently overlook how many things are making us worn-out—and making our jobs so much tougher.  theme forest

divi theme

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In 2015, Julie DiCaro turned into protecting rape allegations towards Patrick Kane, a hockey participant for the Chicago Blackhawks. A reader took a picture of the facet entrance she used to go into her place of job and despatched it to her. “If a person’s willing to go through all that hassle,” she tells me, “what else are they inclined to do?” when Scaachi Koul, currently a lifestyle author for BuzzFeed, was overlaying the sexual assault trial of CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi in Canada, commenters commenced to head after her preschool-elderly niece, who is biracial, calling her a “mutt,” and criticizing her own family for bringing a white character into their own family. when Soraya McDonald wrote a piece for ESPN’s The Undefeated that turned into crucial of Floyd Mayweather, she changed into asked if she became “tap-dancing for the man.” And when Nadra Nittle turned into masking education for the los angeles Newspaper organization, she started receiving messages approximately “vengeance” from the spouse of the fundamental of a school she’d covered.  divi themev

“My editor become like, don’t worry approximately it,” says Nittle, who now writes for Racked. “however I permit my husband know. I allow my sister know. I let the school district recognize. I had to let them recognize there was a pattern of conduct.”  divi theme

Nittle touches on 3 issues of reporting as a lady: First, you train yourself to downplay anything threat there is probably. (“I didn’t experience like my existence become in threat, necessarily,” she tells me.) 2nd, you inform people about the actual threat, so that you have a file of your problem. And 1/3, you recognise your supervisors may additionally or won't have the equal level of situation, or first-hand exposure, to the threats you face. whether or not such threats are possible subjects much less than their purpose: to make women feel greater susceptible, and to use that vulnerability to lead them to question their work as newshounds, a process that is itself under threat. divi theme

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In 2013, Nittle changed into reporting part of the Zip Code assignment, a huge-scale documentation of areas of la. “i used to be assigned to one of the center-class neighborhoods,” Nittle tells me, “and one in all my editors requested me to take video. I had this moment, strolling around the neighborhood, in the middle of the day. I don’t want them to assume, ‘Oh, right here’s this black character, what's she doing filming in this community?’”

ICYMI: Former ny times journalists are livid  best wordpress themes

Solitariness, as Nittle factors out, makes it extra tough to “announce” yourself as a press. It also right away marks you as extra susceptible—mainly whilst you’re reporting as a contract journalist. body of workers journalists, after all, have infrastructure in place (editors, protection teams, workplaces, co-people) that, relying on the assignment, preserve tabs on a journalist’s location, reveal any harassment she receives, and put safety features in area when important. There are people, in other words, looking out for her in some potential. A freelancer operates in large part on her very own, in many instances reporting a story on spec earlier than bringing it underneath the umbrella of an organization that could help protect her.  best wordpress themes



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Blog index

Author: Included post count, comments count and author widget

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404 template – with latest posts

Archives page


Other Features:

WPML support

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Built in review system (stars, percents, points)

One click Demo installed

Responsive Google AdSense support via our custom admin panel

SEO: Schema with rich snippet microdata for articles and reviews etc.




Compatible Browsers

  1. IE10+,
  2. Chrome,
  3. Firefox,
  4. Safari,
  5. Opera

Technology Used

  1. HTML 5,
  2. CSS 3,
  3. Bootstrap 4,
  4. JS,
  5. jQuery


  1. Business & Corporate



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Top Features

  1. Bootstrap 4
  2. Clean and minimal design
  3. Fully responsive
  4. Cross-browser compatibility
  5. Multi-page template
  6. Product, Cart and Checkout pages
  7. Hero header
  8. Call to action button
  9. Product slideshow
  10. Testimonial carousel
  11. On hover effect on cards
  12. Footer navigations
  13. Price filter
  14. Drop-down menu
  15. Pagination UI
  16. Load on scroll animation
  17. Breadcrumbs
  18. Search box
  19. Contact form
  20. Icomoon font icons
  21. In The Box
  22. All demo images
  23. 8 HTML files
  24. CSS & SCSS files
  25. JavaScript source files
  26. Font Icons
  27. Library and plugin files

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