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The organisation had dabbled in the app world earlier than with the Filtatron, which was once an emulation of the basic Moog ladder filter. But Animoog used to be a unique beast entirely. It used to be a full-fledged software program instrument that used wavetable synthesis, frequently related with bloodless and complicated digital sounds that are in many approaches the antithesis of what Moog stood for. But, the app grew to become out to be a massive success. And for its tenth anniversary it’s ultimately getting a ideal sequel in Animoog Z.

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The core, which Moog calls Anisotropic Synth Engine, is mostly the same. Of the dozens of waveforms you select up to eight at a time from. They vary from samples of analog noticed waves to decidedly greater digital sounds. What makes it rather special is the ‘orbit’ and ‘path’ modules which structure the timbre. The way they work is tough to describe, however essentially notes you play tour alongside a course drawn in space, and orbit round that path. You manipulate the pace and depth of distance of the orbit, as properly as the pace at which it travels alongside the direction and that determines how the sound of every observe evolves, in a fairly opaque way.
Animoog Z

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The large exchange right here from the unique app is that Animoog Z provides a 0.33 dimension to the path. So alternatively of simply travelling alongside an X and Y axis, the notes additionally can pass alongside this Z axis. This offers the new app simply a contact extra depth and notes a bit greater room to evolve. The distinction can be delicate at times, however sure presets in Animoog Z take gain of extra modulation route to create virtually wild and complicated sounds. (Just test out Downward Spiral and Ball Lightning.)

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There’s additionally a new outcomes part with a looper, delay, filter, an arpeggiator and a “thick” section. Thick was once additionally in the authentic app and it simply presents a range of approaches to pork up your sound, from including detune, power and bit crushing effects. While a few of these are holdovers from the original, the way they’re grouped collectively right here makes sound plan a little greater fluid and linear.

The total app has obtained a big face raise that now not solely makes it sense extra modern, however additionally makes it less difficult to navigate. While the UI can experience a bit cramped on an iPhone, it’s nonetheless mild years past the original. Unfortunately I wasn’t capable to take a look at it on an iPad or a Mac, so I can’t talk to how properly the interface scales up when it has area to breathe. But, the prevalent format is clean, logical and consistent.
Animoog Z

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The LFO, mod and envelope sections are greater reachable and greater effective than their counterparts in the unique app. In Animoog Z there is an whole tab committed to envelopes, with a genuinely labeled amp envelope, and you’ll locate it in the identical area you’ll locate the FX, orbit, filter, direction and LFO tabs. There’s no want to go searching. In the unique some of these aspects have been scattered amongst dropdown menus. There are additionally simply a lot extra selections for routing modulation in the new app.

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Lastly, Moog brought MPE guide to the app, and even gives a restricted model of it via the touchscreen interface. If you amplify the keyboard, you can slide your fingers up and down person notes to add special modulation to each. You can additionally bend every notice in my view by means of shifting your fingers. One of the first-rate approaches to add a little personality to your enjoying is to turn down the keyboard correction and flip up the go with the flow which will simply with the aid of dint of your imperfect and imprecise human fingers add refined detuning and bends as you play. With the proper settings this can simulate the entirety from delicate analog go with the flow to the tape warbles of a loss of life Walkman.
Animoog Z

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Animoog Z is handy as a free download, however solely in an extraordinarily restricted version. You can play the built-in presets and manipulate some primary parameters, however if you choose full get entry to to all its elements you’ll want to pay $10. One exceptional exchange right here is the flat fee no rely the platform. Currently the iPhone model Animoog is $10, however it’s $20 on the iPad. Animoog Z is $10 no count number the place you’re the use of it.

Animoog is absolutely beginning to seem and sense its age. So this sequel couldn’t have come at a higher time. And Animoog Z is virtually a valuable successor to this groundbreaking app.

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