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web Development=> Login Page DesignUsers come to a website or app, and already have an account it should be immediately clear where they go to login. Rather than providing a ‘Login’ or ‘Sign in’ link (the term ‘Sign in’ is probably more common place than ‘Login’, but users generally understand either) it’s better to show the input fields, so that users can login directly from a page.=> Web Development with PHPPHP provides developers with highly useful inbuilt functions that can save both time and cost for the project. It is a good practice to use the PHP in built functions for the operations that otherwise take a lot of time and eat up a lot of lines due to the use of loops.=> PHP SuhosinThe websites which are using CMS/platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and also other popular webapps are the most common target for internet hacks and attacks. The automatic updates for these websites should be scheduled whenever a version is released. The new release comes with bug fixes and security patches from the previous version. The website security will be affected for those websites which are not running periodic updates. You can use PHP extension Suhosin in case you come across this situation. Please note that Suhosin doesn’t update your websites but offers a protective layer against common, known PHP attacks on your server. Suhosin is installed server wide and not for a particular website, account or PHP version. Thus PHP Suhosin offers a better secure environment on your server for the websites to run with.

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